Everything that You Must Know about Losartan

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losartan 100 mgHigh blood pressure is one of common problem that most of people have today. It can be caused by many factors. Stress, tire and diabetes are few of factors that will make you have high blood pressure. Most of normal and healthy people can have this problem when they work too long or lack of sleep and rest. But, with having enough sleep and rest, plus eat healthy food, you can restore your body condition and normalize your blood pressure. Eating habit is also one of many factors that can cause this problem. If you always eat junk food, unhealthy food without control and balancing it with vegetable and fruit, as well as exercise, you also can get this problem.

Basically, we can say that high blood pressure is caused by your lifestyle. If you have healthy lifestyle, you will have tiny chance to have high blood pressure and lot of health problem that caused by your high blood pressure. when we talk about health problem that caused by high blood pressure, there will be lot of them that we can find, such as heart attack, fatigue and the worst case, death. Therefore, it’s important to find the solution for high blood pressure. Besides changing your lifestyle into healthier lifestyle, you also need to take medicine. One of the medicines that you can use is Losartan.

The Losartan is the medicine that can be classified into angiotensin II receptor antagonists. This medicine helps your blood vessel to keep its size. So, the high blood pressure that caused by the narrow blood vessel can be avoided with this medicine. But, if you want to use this medicine, you need to visit your doctor first. This medicine is prescribed medicine. Therefore, you need your doctor prescription, if you want to buy and use this medicine. Why? There is several type of Losartan dosage that you need to follow. If you don’t follow the dose that prescribed to you, you can get more problems, beside the side effect that this medicine can give to you. For the dosage of Losartan, there’re three of them.

There’s Losartan 25 mg, Losartan 50 mg and losartan 100 mg. the first usage of Losartan that most of doctor prescribed is Losartan 50 mg. usually the Losartan 50 mg dosage will be used until 3 to 6 weeks. After that, the dosage of Losartan will be adjusted by looking at your blood pressure condition. Your doctor can increase the amount of Losartan dosage or lowering it. This dosage is also applied on people with Diabetic Nephropathy. Losartan is also used for children. Yes, children also can have high blood pressure problem. The children obesity also can cause this problem. For children, the dosage of Losartan is 0.7 mg per kilogram of the child weight. This dosage is given once a day. All of the dosage that mentioned above is important to follow.

If you don’t follow that dosage, or if you overdose the Losartan, you can have some of problem, like slow heartbeat, dizziness and feeling like you are going to pass out. And of course, there’re many side effect that you can get when you take Losartan 100 mg or other dosage. For people with standard hypertension problem, the side effect that they can get is like infection, like flu, dizziness, back pain and nasal congestion. If you experience these side effects, it would be better, if you visit your doctor and consult for the treatment. But, if you have diabetic nephropathy, you might get different side effects, like diarrhea, fatigue, anemia, increase the blood potassium level, low blood pressure and weight gain.

Like mentioned above, you need to visit your doctor, once you experienced the side effect. That means you can only get the treatment after you feel them. So, you can use the information about side effect of Losartan that mentioned above to consider, when you want to use this medicine. And, that means you know the risk of using this medicine. But, you don’t need to worry; some of people that also use Losartan to treat their high blood pressure even don’t experience those side effects.

If you want to use Losartan, you also need to tell your doctor about the medicine that you are currently used. Some of medicine can affect your body and give you problem, when you use them along with the Losartan. Some of medicine that you need to tell to your doctor is Aspirin, lithium type medicine, celecoxib and many more. In fact, it would be better, if you tell your doctor about all kinds of vitamin, medicine and other supplement. You also need to tell your doctor about your condition. If you have liver disease or kidney problem, the Losartan can affect this condition and in some case, it can worst your condition. And, if you are pregnant, do not use Losartan.

Losartan can affect and even harm your baby. If you get pregnant in the middle of treatment, you also need to tell your doctor about this condition for more solution that you can use. The high blood pressure often doesn’t show any symptoms. Mostly, it affects your body after you get it for long time. Therefore, if you detect and found out that you have high blood pressure and then you use Losartan as medicine to treat it, it would be better, you use it and follow the prescription, even if you feel great and think that you have no health problem in the middle of your treatment.

Of course, you can check your blood pressure condition regularly to know about your body condition. Your doctor will change your dosage that suitable with your condition, so, you will get best treatment with this medicine. And that’s everything about Losartan medicine that you need to know. We can say that Losartan is one of best medicine that you can use to treat your high blood pressure. It won’t affect your kidney and liver too much, when you use it, unlike some of other medicine.


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