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Losartan 25 MgHigh blood pressure or commonly known as hypertension is very dangerous disease. This is because high blood pressure triggers different type of serious disease such as stroke. Before it’s too late you have to prevent such kind of disease. The key is reducing the high blood pressure so you don’t have a risk to suffer from stroke. Actually, there is a specific drug you can use to reduce the high blood pressure. The name of the drug is known as losartan and it is divided into 3 different dosages. Those dosages are losartan 25 mg, losartan 50 mg, and losartan 100 mg. Before consuming this drug it is better for you to know the detail of the drug itself for your own safety and maximal result.

What you need to know that losartan is considered as an angiotensin-II receptor antagonist. On the other hand, losartan 25 mg is useful to prevent the bind the angiotensin-II. This is concerning to the fact that angiotensin-II is considered as a substance which is produced by your body and the function is to bind to receptor around blood vessel. In this case, blood vessel will tighten which can increase your blood pressure. Losartan is used to make the blood vessel relax and it is automatically reduce blood pressure. This drug is published in the form of tablet and it has to be consumed by prescription from the doctor.

There are several conditions in which you are not allowed to consume this drug. For example, you are not allowed to consume this drug if you are suffered from allergic, liver problems, and if you are in 3 months pregnancy. If you have to consume losartan it is a must for you to go to the doctor to consult whether you are allowed to consume the drug or you can change it with different type of drug. You have to consult to your doctor if you have history of swelling around face, lips, throat, and tongue or known as angio-oedema. You also need to consult to your doctor if you are suffered from diarrhea. People who are suffered from diuretic are also need to consult their condition first before consuming losartan.

Actually, you are not suggested to consume losartan if you are suffered from heart, liver, and kidney problems but again it is necessary to consult to the doctor first to make sure about it. Sometimes, you are consuming different type of drug which also has the same function in which to reduce your blood pressure. The question is that whether you are allowed to consume losartan or not. Actually, it depends on the type of the drug and the condition of your body itself. The best thing to do to is going to the doctor and consulting all about what you consume and your medical history before consuming losartan. In short, it is important share anything about your previous and latest condition to the doctor so the doctor can give you the best suggestion. Definitely, it is for your own safety and satisfaction because the doctor knows what you need including the dosage of losartan you need to consume.

For losartan 25 mg users, you are allowed to consume this drug with or without drink or food. Now, you can learn a little bit about the dosage of this drug. Commonly, you have to consume losartan around 50 mg once per day. You have to consume this drug with the specific dosage for about 3 weeks up to 5 weeks. This kind of dosage is done in the first treatment and in certain period of time the doctor will advice the patient to increase the dosage around 100 mg if it is necessary. Basically, the doctor will see the impact of the drug itself whether it is too strong or too weak. For example, the doctor will lower the dosage if you are suffered from liver inpatient. It is also happening for the elderly patient especially over 75 years old.

The simple way to consume losartan is by consuming it with a glass of water. It is better if you consume it based on the dosage in the same time per day. Just consume this drug until your doctor says that you have to stop to consume the losartan. It is not allowed for you to lower or higher the dosage without any suggestion from the doctor. If you higher the dosage it triggers very low blood pressure, the increasing of heartbeat, and even it is also possible to reduce the level of heartbeat. There is a condition in which you are loosing your dosage. What you have to do is consuming it in the next day in the normal dosage and you don’t have to double the dosage. In some cases such as swelling or difficulty in swallow or breathing it means you have to stop to consume losartan because there is a possibility that you are suffered from allergic.

The side effect itself is divided into 4 different categories which are common side effects, uncommon side effects, rare side effects, and unknown side effects. The common side effects are including dizzy, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar. The uncommon side effects are sleep disorder, headache, and chest pain. Rare side effects are including inflammation and irregular heartbeat. The unknown side effects migraine, cough, and flu.

The way to store this drug especially the 25 mg one is easy because you just need to put the rest of the tablet back to the package and keep away from direct sunlight. For the 50 mg and 100 mg you have to keep it on room temperature not more than 250C. Now, you know the description and the detail of losartan and the best way to do is visiting the doctor to make sure about your condition. Let the doctor decides whether you need to consume this kind of drug or not. At least, by learning from this article you know what you have to do and what you not have to do for maximal result so you can get your health back as soon as possible.


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