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Losartan Side EffectsThere are many ways a medication shows that it is working. One of the most common is by the decrease of the symptoms you feel. Another is shown by the side effects that take place. If you are still able to feel the side effects it shows that your body and system is responsive to the change that is going on in your body. People who are not able to feel or detect side effects of the major type are vulnerable. Therefore being able to recognize when side effects are taking place is in fact something to be grateful of. However when side effects cross the line you need to be aware of that too.

Here you will be able to read and comprehend the many side effects of taking Losartan. Before reading through the possible side effects it is important to understand what the Losartan is all about. Losartan is used to treat issues of the heart and blood vessels many of which lead to diabetic nephropathy and high blood pressure. These are health issues that need nothing less of doctor’s prescriptions to make sure that they are treated correctly otherwise the repercussion of this may lead to irreversible illness or death.

Surely you don’t want to go through any of that, hence the importance for everyone taking in medications to read through the details of their prescription. The side effects of Losartan come in two main categorizations. Do note that they categories are determined based on what health issue they have. Those with high blood pressure will react differently to those with diabetic nephropathy. Each person will react to medications differently. Some do not even go experience the losartan side effects and function perfectly well to treat the symptoms. The data of these side effects are acquired through a study involving thousands of people.

People with high blood pressure show signs of infections. This is normally shown by flu and cold. The many people who showed these results are 8%. Dizziness is also a common side effect seen from taking in Losartan. The amount of people showing these signs are 3% only. Nasal congestion, although result in a smaller number of 2%, is still found in the evaluation of Losartan. Also adding to the list of side effects shown in patients with high blood pressure is back pains. These back pains are usually moderate and do not last the whole day. However, an amount of 2% has reported to experience backaches after consuming Losartan to heal their high blood pressure. On the other hand people with diabetic nephropathy have shown different signs.

The first side effect is diarrhoea where an amount of 15% of people experienced this. Fatigue is also felt by these patients both caused by the diarrhoea or because of the medication alone. But the amount results in 14% which is not as much as the former side effect but significant enough to be aware of. Also with the amount of 14%, anaemia is reported form the study. With 7% of experiencers, the increase of blood potassium and decrease of blood pressure to a low level is reported as a side effect of people with diabetic nephropathy. Last but not least, with 4% of patients reporting this effect is the gaining of weight after taking in these pills. This varies in a large amount to the slightly jolting increase of weight to the natural gain. All in all the side effects of those with diabetic nephropathy varies more than those with high blood pressure. Not only that the side effects for diabetic nephropathy are more crucial too.

However when it comes to varieties of side effects there are other effects that do not categorize based on the illness of the patient. There are two more categories to look out for just to be sure. The first are side effects that you need to have a doctor take a look at. The other is the side effects that rarely happen. The side effects that you need a doctor take a look at can actually be prevented, in case you haven’t started taking in Losartan. You can have your history medical records examined to make sure that you are not allergic to the substance and that your system can tolerate the ingredients well. The first are skin rashes where they suddenly appear on your body, some in the tummy area, in the back and or on your legs and arms.

Most of them are hard to explain as you may have not eaten anything unusual for the day nor not visited any foreign place too. The next is itches, they can occur anywhere in the body too. Blisters and skin peeling is also something to be aware of especially if they bleed and are itchy too. Swelling parts of the body have also been reported by users of Losartan. They occur in the face, lips and even in internal areas of the body like the throat and tongue.

Wheezing and difficulties in breathing should also be reported to your physician in case this suffocates you even more. Dizziness of the extreme kind is another result of Losartan intake and last but not least the decrease of urine production. The next category of side effects is those that only sum up to 1%. The previous side effects are of at least 2% and upwards. The ones below are rarely reported but just as important for you to take note of. Gout, anxiety and pressure is also a side effect reported, depression especially under great burden of work is , migraine, hair loss and decreased libido in cases of both women and men.

The important of reading through side effects is grave. The more you know the better you decide when the time is urgent and you have little to rely on. Taking notes of things will help you remember but the effort to learn about the small things around is one that is worth every minute you spend. So grab a notepad and try taking notes of things that may come in handy for the long term.

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