Prilosec Side Effects

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Prilosec Side EffectsPrilosec is a drug that goes into the family of proton pump inhibitor (PPI), that was use to treat condition that happen because of stomach acid. Most people who have too much stomach acid that produced in their body can give burning feeling that not only very uncomfortable to deal but in worse case can make people in deep pain that can stop them from doing their daily activity. Surely people can always go to their doctor and get the proper medication, but in case they don’t have time or money to do it, prilosec is an easy way out because they can get it in nearest drug store (is a counter drug that quite easy to find).

People can named the condition where they can consume it such as Zollinger Ellison syndrome, stomach ulcers, heartburn, erosive esophagatis, gastroesophageal reflux disease and other symptoms. Of course it was recommended to consult to the specialist before taking it in case the condition was worse and use prilosec alone was not enough to deal with the symptoms. In many case, doctor will give this drug along with other drug to make it work more effective. Besides that, people who consume this drug under doctor supervision can always consult if any disturbing side effect comes up.

The question that comes next is how actually that this product work?  When people consume this drug along with other PPI drugs, it will go right to the stomach. It will release slowly and thanks to its special coating that keep the drug safe from stomach acid, it will help to reduce the stomach acid production and heal any damage that caused by acid in people stomach. Now, this drugs don’t work in just single night but it take times to work so maybe a couple days of waiting is necessary in this case and to make the symptom really gone and cured it will take at least four weeks for most people.

What about the dosage? It will be different dosage for different conditions. People with some medical history may have different dosage depend on doctor recommendation. For people with active duodenal ulcer condition will need to take 20 mg once a day, duodenal ulcers that caused by H.pylori need to consume 40 mg, people with stomach ulcer condition need to take 40 mg once a day, GERD condition will be given 20 mg dosage daily and treatment for excess stomach acid may take up to 60 mg once a day. The dosage that has mentioned above is for adults only and if in some cases the condition happens to children the doctor will give the dosage based on children age and weight.

Before anyone who feels heartburn symptoms, will be better not to jump and use this drug instantly. There are several things that people need to know before use it. People with allergic to prilosec or with any ingredients of it should not take it. The same thing goes to anyone who have allergic to penicillin drugs also need to be careful because it was common to treat people with combination of penicillin drugs and prilosec. Women who were pregnant and nursing should not consume this drug. The risk is too much to take (it can goes into mother bloodstream and move to the baby or infant) so it will be better to always consult to the doctor before consume it.

This drug will give their best work if it consume before meal time. It was not supposed to be opened, crushed and chewed; just take it straight down with a glass of water. While people consume it, it will be better to support it by not consume food that can irritate people stomach like food that was too spicy, eat in small portion, stop smoking, no alcohol and get along with healthy life style will give big help on the treatment process.

Just like any other medicine, prilosec also have some side effects. Imagine that people push foreign substantial inside their body, surely the body will react and for prilosec side effects, there are common symptoms that come up. Common side effect of this drug is diarrhea, headaches, stomach pain, nausea, gas and vomiting. This side effect can be treating quite easily once people have consulted with their doctor. But in some cases there may be severe side effects that need to be taken care right away. If people start to have allergic reactions (itching, difficult to breathe, hives), abnormalities in emotional state (depression, hallucinations), bone pain, fever, chills, dark urine, swelling in the hand and feet, feeling unusual tired, and many other side effects. It need to be reported right away to the doctor so they can take some action like lowering the dosage or stop using prilosec and prescribe for other dugs.

Once again, it was very important to consult with your doctor before consume prilosec. Health condition and other drugs that people use in the same time can affect its effectiveness. People may find that the effects from certain drugs that they use will be increased, decreased or totally altered into another way. An example for this is when people consume valium for their anxiety along with prilosec, they may have increase people anxiety rather than to decrease it. Surely no body wants it to happen. So, always consult it with your doctor or pharmacies about drug interaction possibility that may happen.

Now, although this drugs is the one that most accessible because it counter drugs and quite affordable with people budget, it doesn’t meant that it will work for everyone. Some people may have total success with this one while other may not. Just like any other symptoms, healthy life style gives such a big help for people who want to stay health and prevent for any disease to come. But, sometime it was inevitable so it will be wise to always ask around, do some research and ask the competent people before try to treat any symptoms that happen to your body to give it better chance for heal.

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